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The Hoffberger Gallery is located near the beautiful Hoffberger Chapel at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. The ample physical space can accommodate large and small works of art and offers exhibitors excellent exposure with the many meetings and events that take place at BHC throughout the year.

Established in 1958 by Claire Bornfriend, an artist and congregant of BHC, the Gallery continues to be self-sufficient and is run by a committee of active congregants, some of whom are themselves artists, committed to encouraging a love of art.

The Gallery consistently showcases works of quality in varied media by artists from all over the Mid-Atlantic region, with a special emphasis on Israeli artists during the High Holy Days. Exhibits change every two months, September through June, and offer opening receptions with refreshments. The hours for the Gallery follow BHC building hours. For directions, click here.

INFO: Marcia Bornfriend, marcia410@comcast.net, Lauren Loran, laurenloran@mac.com
or 410-764-1587, ext. 270.

Current Exhibit

May/June Exhibit

"Tourist and Intimist" work by Matt Klos



Sunday, May 1, 2-4 PM

About Matt Klos

Matt Klos is a painter of interiors and plein-air landscapes in Baltimore, MD and further afield in places like Stonington, ME, New Brunswick, Canada, the Brittany region of France, and Umbria, Italy. He was a recipient of the Individual Artist Awards from the Maryland State Arts Council in both 2012 and 2008. His work was selected for solo exhibitions at the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH in 2015 and at the Prince Street Gallery in Chelsea, NY in 2011. He won the Bethesda Painting Awards in 2007 and received an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant in 2001. 

Klos currently teaches drawing and painting full-time at Anne Arundel Community College. He has curated a number of exhibitions including “A Lineage of American Perceptual Painting,” highlighting the works of the great American painter Edwin Dickinson and the subsequent generations of painters whom he influenced and inspired. The exhibition was on view from January-February 2015 in the Mitchell Art Gallery at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD. Klos is a member of the collective Perceptual Painters perceptualpainters.com and Zeuxis, zeuxis.us. Aside from those sites his work can be found online at mattklos.com. His work is represented by Prographica in Seattle, WA and the Oxford Gallery in Rochester, NY.

Tourist and Intimist

This show will highlight a collection of the best of Matt Klos’s landscape paintings from the various places he’s travelled with the interior paintings for which he is better known. Klos has travelled extensively as an artist in residence and with family in the last seven years going to places as far flung as Brittany France, Istanbul, Turkey, Athens, Greece, Umbria, Italy, Moshi, Tanzania, and closer to home in Phoenix Arizona, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, the Shenandoah Mountains and Stonington, Maine. Sometimes these trips are painting excursions where Klos brings along his easel and paints and other times these trips are intended for research, relaxation, and inspiration. The experiences that Klos has in his travels inform the studio interiors that he continues to make. The dichotomy of the external experience, the glimmer and sheen of something new, colliding with that which is familiar, time worn, and intimately known allows for the artist to continue to grow. One experience lends perspective and enthusiasm to the other. Klos has found equilibrium and a way to continue working with renewed vigor by balancing these two different modes of painting.

Upcoming Exhibits

July 2016: Temple Emanuel Art

August 2016: Sylvia Beser

September/October 2016: Gila Ruskin, "Judaic Mosaics"

Reception: Sunday, September 11, 2-4 PM

November/December 2016: Ronni Jolles, "Painting with Paper"

Reception: Sunday, November 4, 2-4 PM

January/February 2017: Ann Kagan

Reception: Sunday, January 8, 2-4 PM

March/April 2017: Complementary Green, Watercolors

Reception: Sunday, March 5, 2-4 PM

May/June 2017: BaltArt101

Reception: Sunday, April 30, 2-4 PM

July/August 2017: Harriet Stullman

Past Exhibits

March/April 2016: Baltimore Watercolor Society, watercolor: "Real and Imagined"

January/February 2016: Norm Dubin, photography: "Photo-Synthesis"

November/December 2015: Elaine Katz, fabric collaged art quilts: "Fantasy Fiber"

September/October 2015: Effie Gereny, acrylic and mixed media: "Grey Matters"

July/August 2015: Dr. George Gutmann (presented by Cantor Sacks): "My Father's Story: A Retrospective In Art"

May/June 2015: Marcia Wolfson Ray, sculpture: "Outside/Inside"

March/April 2015: Charcoal Club (Jennifer Murtha Group), oil, watercolor, pastel: "Art for Everyone, Right In Your Backyard"

January/February 2015: William Tamburrino, oil: "Landscapes Near and Afar"

November/December 2014: Roxanne Weidele, pastels: "Horizons"

September/October 2014: Claudia Cameron, acrylics: "My Mother’s Story"

July/August 2014: Emerging Artists Exhibit

May/June 2014: Rosyln Zinner, mosaic art: "Breaking Good: Mosaic Art"

March/April 2014: Bridget Sullivan, mixed media photography: "Viewshed"

January/February 2014: Paul Moscatt Plein Air Group, oil, acrylic, pastel: "Landscape Works"

November/December 2013: David Knopp, drawing, print, sculpture: "Rooted"

September/October 2013: David Bacharach, mixed media: "Baltimore Timepoints"

July/August 2013: Rabbi Morris S. Lazaron

May/June 2013: Rhonda LK Schonwald, mixed media: "Letters to God"

March/April 2013: Carol Lee Thompson and Students

 January/February 2013: Joanne Adleberg, Paintings


For information on our submission process, click here to download our submission guidelines. To plan for hanging click here and view the gallery space layout and measurements. INFO: Marcia Bornfriend, marcia410@comcast.net, Lauren Loran, laurenloran@mac.com or 410-764-1587, ext. 270.

BHC will retain a modified commission of 30% of the sale price. As a non-profit organization this commission to BHC is tax deductible. INFO: David Weis, Controller, 410-764-1587, ext. 243.

Hoffberger Gallery
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